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  1. Use Handbrake. See below.

  2. Submit your tape early. Casting reviews tapes as they come in. Often decisions can be made long before the deadline. Furthermore you are giving casting the opportunity to offer notes for a re-tape.

  3. Be off book.  

  4. When uploading your tape, upload your reel with it. EcoCast, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Vimeo - however you share your read with casting also give them your demo reel.

  5. Don’t waste your slate. This is a chance to show a bit of your personality, or give them a reason why you connect to the material.  



If you are using an iPhone for self-taping, go to Settings, Camera, Formats, Most Compatible. If you use High Efficiency instead of Most Compatible, your audio can be out of sync.



Please go to and download this free program. This is drag and drop software that allows you to convert large video files into smaller high quality files, which will save you time when uploading. More importantly, casting will be able to handle your files with ease and speed.


I recommend using the preset for “Web → Gmail Large.” (click image for example)

Handbrake Screenshot.jpg


  • First and foremost, if casting specifies how they want your slate, follow those directions to the letter. The following suggestions only apply if casting has made no recommendations.

  • Slate at the end of your scene, not before. 

  • It is also OK to send your slate as a separate clip, particularly if you send multiple clips.

  • Slate in medium closeup.  

  • Include a full body shot. This can be a still image edited onto your slate.



  • Shoot indoors in a quiet, well-lit room against a plain backdrop. 

  • If you are filming on your phone record in horizontal (landscape) mode. 

  • Your camera/phone should be stable, not handheld. Ideally, use a tripod.  

  • The camera lens should be at your eye level, not shooting up or down at you.

  • Your eye-line should be just off to the side of the camera.

  • Framing of your scene should be head and shoulders (Medium Closeup).

  • Your voice needs to be louder than your reader’s.  Use a mic or have your reader stand back from the camera’s mic.

  • Avoid stark white light. If using lighting, soften it.  



If you are struggling to find a reader these apps can provide a reader’s voice.




Should you prefer to pay someone to tape you, here are some local and digital options.

Studio City/North Hollywood

Actors Artistry

Hot Shots Self Taping

Get Reel Results

LA Acting Studios

The Actors Collective LA



On The Mark


Hollywood/West Hollywood

The Actors Company LA

Stan Kirsch Studios

1805 Tapes

Intrepid Tapes

Self Tape

Selfie Tapes


Central LA/Wilshire

Sebestien Soliz

The Self Tape Place


Santa Monica/West LA

Self Tape Studio LA

Self Tape Pros



Tape Squad

Keep It Real Acting

Note: The Park Agency has no financial relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, individuals, or services.

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