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The Park Agency,Inc. is a full service talent agency that represents actors in television, film, and commercials.


We are committed to exclusively representing talent.  Curating each individual actor's interests and careers, with a focus on longevity and constant growth


  • Kendall Park has been a commercial talent agent for over 25 years and is a former partner and founder of JLA Talent. He is a Los Angeles native, having grown up in Beverly Hills, and comes from a famous entertainment family. 

  • Sumer Park was a successful child actress and has been in the business her entire life. Sumer has been a commercial talent agent for more than 12 years, having become one of Los Angeles's most successful commercial talent agents. She is also a trained and licensed Hypnotherapist

  • Nic de Armendi, an alumnus of Duke University and USC Film School, started representation as a talent manager, but has been established as a theatrical talent agent for over 12 years.

  • Aymara de Llano has been an actress since age five and studied Ballet with the Royal Academy Dance. She has had extensive travel around the world being involved in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. Aymara is also trained and licensed by the State of California department of social services in child development and care.

With offices located between Universal and Warner Bros Studios, we are centered in a thriving entertainment hub. The accomplishments of our agents have been recognized by the Screen Actors Guild and the Talent Managers Association and we will continue to pursue excellence in the craft of representation.

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